RuPay 2.0

RuPay has been on a long and fruitful journey of creating a less-cash, contactless society since 2012. With an aim to provide exceptional user experiences, RuPay has always been at the forefront of innovation in contactless payments.

Just months into the habit of putting safety first, the entire nation is celebrating contactless experiences with RuPay. It was finally time for an upgrade; an upgrade that propels innovations in the ease, security, seamlessness, and the functionality of contactless payments.

RuPay 2.0 Features

wearable contactless payments by On-the-Go Rupay

RuPay On-the-Go

You probably haven’t realized it yet, but the future of contactless payments is already here, with the advent of wearable devices like smartwatches, activity trackers, jewellery, etc. for payments. You may not be able to ride a hyperloop yet, but you can definitely pay with a single tap of your wrist! Wearable technology – one of the most futuristic consumer technology innovations is here, and is enabling seamless contactless payments for day-to-day use.

In this fast-paced course of daily business, “Tap, pay, go” may quickly become the new mantra of the payments industry, and when it does, RuPay On-the-Go will be an everyday reality. The technology is helping redefine user experiences as our devices become more and more integrated into our routines. Many people are now encountering a quicker, safer and seamless payment experience with wearable devices, thus truly embracing the future of contactless payments.

RuPay 2.0 Contactless PoS Card

RuPay PoS

With global digital payments hitting record high transaction values in this past year, the digital payments market is showing no signs of slowing down.

Another contactless experience that RuPay 2.0 brings along, is the RuPay PoS functionality. Simple to set up and low cost digital PoS solutions are perfect for small and medium sized merchants looking to capitalize on the digital commerce trend.

By simply installing an app and transforming their existing smartphone into a PoS machine, merchants and small business owners can accept payments on-the-go and provide you with a seamless experience. You can tap your contactless card against the RuPay PoS device, or how we like to say, ‘Tap on the phone’, and make all kinds of payments instantly.

RuPay 2.0 Contactless  AutoPay Cards

RuPay AutoPay

When you have periodic bills to pay, it is very crucial to find a way to pay them in time so that you don’t miss any payment deadlines and face any interruption in availing services. To help you have your peace of mind that your periodic payments will be set on an ‘Auto pilot’ mode, RuPay 2.0 brings a great feature - RuPay AutoPay.

Now with RuPay AutoPay, a cardholder who intends to opt for auto-debit facilities on their card can undertake a one-time registration process, with proper validation by the issuer, and set a recurring mandate with the merchant to set their recurring bills on a pre-decided date.

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