Launch ofRuPay

March, 2012

RuPay Pay Secure went Live

June, 2013

Dedicated to the Nation by President of India

May, 2014

Launch of RuPayPlatinum Card Variant

July, 2014

RuPay Introduced Prepaid Hosted Solution Model toBanks for Prepaid Card

July, 2014

Introduction ofPMJDY Card Variant

Sept, 2014

Introduction ofRuPay Virtual Card

June, 2016

Introduction ofRuPay Contactless Card

June, 2016

700+ RuPay Issuing Banks and40+ RuPay Acquiring Banks

March, 2017

Launch ofRuPay Credit Card

June, 2017

260+ MnTransactions in a month

July, 2018

“One Nation. One Card”launched on RuPay platform

March, 2019

Launch ofRuPay JCB Global Card

July, 2019

RuPay Select Card Launch in Dubai

September, 2019

Migration toRuPay BEPG Platform

October, 2019

600 + Mn Cards In ForceIssued by 1100+ Banks

January, 2020

362+ Mn Transactions in a month

March, 2021

MSME Card & 10 Cobrand Partners

Metro & 2 SRTU project on NCMC

Credit Card on UPI

March, 2022