RuPay forBusiness

Why RuPay?

RuPay addresses the needs of Indian consumers, merchants, and banks alike. RuPay cards come with benefits like flexibility of the product platform, high levels of acceptance, and the trust of the RuPay brand - all of which contribute to an enhanced product experience.

RuPay E-com

In a constant endeavour to enhance customer experience, RuPay has upgraded to a new platform to ensure secure, seamless payments for RuPay cardholders – RuPay E-com. The platform comes with an enhanced security and enables ease of use. Apart from supporting existing features, RuPay E-com will support a host of additional features:

  • Enhanced consumer experience with One Click Payments, Seamless APIs, and Connected Checkout.
  • Additional payment options on RuPay cards with regulatory approved subscription payments, RuPay EMI, online credit card bill payments and balance transfers.
  • Zero compromise on security with card digitization implemented for consumer app & card on file transactions.
  • Improvement in success rate with host to host APIs.
  • Huge reduction in bounce rate, lesser dropouts, and a substantial increase in consumer sales.

Join us in this endeavour to provide secure, seamless, and swift payment options to our customers, with RuPay E-com.

RuPay Contactless

RuPay Contactless card offers the unique proposition of one card for all your quick, low value payments. This card can be used for transit payments (Bus, Metro, Cab etc.), toll, parking, small value payments as well as for all normal day to day payment needs.

The objective of RuPay Contactless is to provide a mechanism for Low-Value Payments (LVPs) within the gambit of electronic payments.

RuPay Contactless specifications can co-exist with the existing technology being used by the acquirer/operator and migration to common standards may be achieved gradually to suit the convenience of PTO.


RuPay cards are equipped with security innovative measures like the card digitising feature. Card digitization is the process of eliminating sensitive data from an internal network and replacing it with a randomly generated placeholder called a Token.

Using this feature, RuPay cardholders can now digitise their cards on a smartphone through their mobile banking app. Once enabled, the customer can simply tap their phone to pay at POS terminals.

With card digitization, you can rest easy knowing that your customers' information is kept safe, all your transactions are secured with 2-factor authentication, all at an affordable cost.

RuPay Commercial Credit Card

The RuPay Commercial Credit Card helps corporates in effectively managing the travel, entertainment, and business expenses of their employees. Through our Pro and Business cards, this card offers end-to-end solutions to businesses of all kinds.

RuPay Commercial Credit Card Benefits:

  • The RuPay Commercial Credit Card allows corporates to track and manage their spends.
  • Card information is automatically uploaded in the company’s general ledger system.
  • Easy and convenient reconciliation of expenses.
  • The RuPay Commercial Credit Card can be used by employees in any part of the country.

nth Rewards

nth Rewards is a loyalty platform designed and launched by NPCI that offers infinite possibilities out of a portfolio management platform! With nth Rewards, you can maximize your return on investment from existing customers by enabling them to earn rewards sponsored by you and redeem a pool of reward points at partnered retail outlets.

nth Rewards facilitates infinite experiences through the following features for merchants:

  • Participate in the merchant-sponsored proposition at a self-decided funding rate
  • Multiple ways to redeem points for appealing rewards
  • Points redemption at your online & retail stores
  • Get more customers with targeted marketing
  • Location-based offers for better choice
  • Get customer insights & measurable results
  • Get access to a marketing channel and a genuine consumer base
  • Choose a simplified payment settlement process
  • Instant rewards through merchant offers
  • Get quick access to loyalty and an amazing user experience
  • Flexibility to earn points via multiple channels like credit card, debit card, UPI, FASTag, etc.

RuPay MSME Credit Card

For business owners in the MSME industry, RuPay offers curated Credit cards with exceptional features and offers which are sure to enhance their business growth, while also facilitating seamless, secure, and instant credit purchases. MSME borrowers will be able to enjoy host of benefits such as an interest-free credit period of up to 50 days on their business spends and EMI facility for business-related purchases. Additionally, MSMEs will also receive carefully chosen, effective business services on this card, assisting them in expanding their operations across a variety of digital channels.

The RuPay MSME Credit card would speed up and streamline MSMEs' payment processes while allowing banks to track individual transactions in great detail. With its digital payment capability, the credit card will also lower company's need for cash withdrawals.

RuPay has introduced this MSME Credit Card to provide a more convenient way to pay for ongoing operating costs.

Other features of the RuPay MSME Credit card include:

  • Udyam Number
  • Lounge Access
  • Accidental Insurance Coverage
  • Air Accident Insurance Coverage
  • Baggage Loss Coverage
  • 24*7 Concierge Services