RuPay Contactless

RuPay Contactless

Make payments more convenient and safer with no physical connection, just a tap of your RuPay Contactless card on the reader helps to make all your payments.

An overarching vision for payment systems at this juncture needs greater adoption of electronic payments and migration towards a “less-cash” society. Contactless payments are the future of payment industry in India.

What makes RuPay Contactless different?

Dual Interface payment options for all Transit, Para Transit & Retail shopping - Supports both offline(Contactless) & online(Contact & Contactless) transactions

Wallet based contactless Payments - There is a provision of storing money on the card which can be used to initiate contactless payments (offline payments) across various use cases like transit, retail, toll, parking, etc. which is also referred as Card Balance or Offline Wallet.

Pass writing in the Service areas - It is a unique feature that enables customers to use the card for merchant/operator specific application e.g. travel passes, season tickets, etc.

Synergy with National Common Mobility Card

RuPay has worked with Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India for implementation of National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) program across the country with the vision of ‘One Card for all Payments (Transit as well as Retail)’. RuPay Contactless card is in line with the specifications of National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) Program. This card envisages the development of a cashless fare payment mechanism, which will work across all the public transport systems in the country such as metros, buses, cabs etc.; leading to establishment of an Interoperable Fare Management System (IFMS).

Banks Live With RuPay NCMC Debit Cards

How to use it?

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