Know your RuPay

EMV Chip

Chip Prepaid Cards come with an embedded microchip that provides additional security against counterfeiting/duplication of the card.

Expiry Date

Last day of the month and year up to which the card is valid


A three-digit code on the reverse of the card used for online transactions

Magnetic Stripe

The magnetic stripe contains cardholder information in encoded format.

Signature Panel

The panel for capturing cardholder’s signature

Things to Follow –

  • Please keep your card in a secure place such that you will immediately know if it is missing
  • Please handle your card carefully to avoid any physical damage to magnetic stripe and EMV Chip
  • Never keep your card unattended e.g. at work
  • Please approach your bank in case of any change in the mobile number, change in address to ensure your contact information is updated at all times
  • Never keep your card and PIN together
  • Please keep the PIN secret and do not disclose the PIN to anybody
  • Please memorize the PIN and do not write your PIN on the card or any other document
  • Never share your card number, Personal Identification Number (PIN), Card Verification Value (CVV), One Time Password (OTP) and Expiry Date with anyone