Cardholders are requested to kindly go through the term & conditions before clicking the below mentioned link for availing the insurance coverage

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Terms and Conditions for COVID – 19 Protection Insurance

By applying for the COVID – 19 Indemnity Policy, you agree to be bound by these ‘Terms and Conditions for COVID – 19 Protection Insurance prescribed by National Payments Corporation of India (“NPCI”) as detailed below:


  1. The COVID – 19 Indemnity Policy (the “Policy”) is an open indemnity policy provided by Reliance General Insurance Company Limited (the “Insurer”). The master Policy is held by NPCI under Master Policy Number 920292028560000192;
  2. Individual coverage under the Policy can be availed only by a person in whose name a RuPay Card has been issued by a bank in India (“RuPay Cardholder”) provided that, at the time of applying for the Policy, the said RuPay Card is valid and is not cancelled, blocked or hot listed by such bank;
  3. In order to make the application for availing individual cover under the Policy you will be directed from the Website to a third party website. NPCI does not control, operate or manage this third party website and the same is operated and managed by a third party platform provider who has a tie up with Insurer for enabling application and payment of premium, electronically, through application program interface (API) based connectivity established between this third party website and the relevant systems of the Insurer. Under no circumstances whatsoever, NPCI shall be held liable for any loss or damage arising out of or resulting from any act carried out on this third party website and any content or information available on this third party website.
  4. The application to the Policy shall be made on voluntary basis. Please read the terms and conditions of the Policy prescribed by the Insurer before applying for the Policy;
  5. The Policy shall be governed by the terms and conditions prescribed by the Insurer including the Specific Conditions and exclusions, if any, specified in the Policy;
  6. The coverage for the sum insured under the Policy shall be solely provided by the Insurer upon payment of the premium. The premium for Policy shall be directly paid to the Insurer by the RuPay Cardholder using the RuPay Card. No payment shall be made NPCI towards the Policy whether as premium or otherwise; 
  7. The Policy shall be issued by the Insurer to the RuPay Cardholder, directly;
  8. The Insurer is solely responsible to provide the coverage and make payment towards the claim raised under the Policy. Under no circumstances, NPCI shall be held responsible for making payment of any amount to the RuPay Cardholder or any third party in relation to the Policy;
  9. NPCI does not make any representation, warranty, or guaranty, either express or implied, regarding quotes or quality of services provided by the Insurer, in relation to the Policy.  As such, NPCI expressly disclaims all liability for any content, products, or services offered by the Insurer;
  10. NPCI hereby disclaims all implied representations and warranties in relation to the Policy including, but not limited to, the completeness and accuracy of the contents thereof. The RuPay Cardholder shall be solely responsible to verify and evaluate the accuracy, correctness, reliability, completeness and suitability of the Policy, its terms and services as are offered by the Insurer and NPCI shall not be held responsible for the same in any manner whatsoever; 
  11. NPCI shall not be held liable to anyone for any loss, damage or liability, no matter how occasioned, arising out of, in any way relating to, or in connection with the Policy. Under no circumstances shall NPCI be held liable for any special, direct, indirect, exemplary, or consequential loss or damages, including, but not limited to, loss of use, data, or profits, without regard to the form of any action, including, but not limited to, contract or negligence or other tortious actions, arising out of or in connection with Policy.
  12. Any and all applications, communications, queries, claims, disputes or complaints in relation to the Policy including, but not limited to, claim, settlement of claims etc. shall be directly addressed and raised by the RuPay Cardholder to or with the Insurer and NPCI shall not be held responsible for taking up the same with Insurer and or for resolving the same with the Insurer, for and on behalf of the RuPay Cardholder.