15% Discount on rooms

15% Discount on best available rate on rooms.

Sun 15 Jul, 2018 to Mon 30 Sep, 2019

1) The customer is expected to call or email the reservation desk and while making the booking ask for the RuPay offer before the bill is generated.
2) The customer has to make the payment using his/her RuPay card in order to avail the offer.
Hotel Location/ Website Link Details: Karumanchery Holiday Resorts Private Ltd, Karumanchery Buildings, Ezhupunna South P.O, Alappuzha-688550, Kerala
Website: http://www.kondailip.com/

    ***In case of any offer related queries kindly contact:
Name: Anu Bhusal
Contact Number: 9108933425
Email Id: anu@poshvine.com
How to report customer grievance: Via email

1.    Offer vaild for direct bookings only.
2.    Offer is not valid for peak time from 20th December 2018 to 5th January 2019.

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